Hanes T-Shirts

We proudly use Hanes T-Shirts on all designs we print in-house.  Our adult t-shirts are printed on Hanes 6 ounce tagless t-shirts while we use Hanes Her Way comfort blend 5.6 ounce tees for women.  Our adult T-Shirts are available in short and long sleeve and come in a variety of colors.

   Kids t-shirts are printed on Hanes tagless tees. This also includes kids long sleeve t-shirts.  Sweatshirts are available in adult and kids sizes. Adult sweatshirts are available in 7 ounce midweight and 10 ounce heavyweight.  Kids sweatshirts are only available in 7 ounce midweight.

The Mountain tees are printed and dyed in the U.S.A.

All designs are printed using environmentally friendly water based inks. The Mountain t-shirts are available in adult t-shirts, kids t-shirts and tank dresses.

  These designs are ordered direct from the factory and are delivered in 7 to 10 days.

Welcome to My T-Shirt Designs

Here at My T-Shirt Designs, we specialize in wildlife, fantasy, funny, retro and pop-cultured inspired shirts for adults and kids. Our company was founded over 12 years ago and since the beginning, we have been committed to providing customers with high quality printed shirts at an affordable price. Located in Solvang, CA, we print our shirts, which enables us to keep our prices low without sacrificing product integrity. Our techniques combined with our experience allow you to receive the best quality shirt that you have always wanted.

About the Shirts

We proudly use Hanes T-Shirts for all of our in-house design printing. • Men: Hanes 6-Ounce Tagless • Women: Hanes & Gildan 100% Cotton Tees • Kids: Hanes Tagless

Sweatshirts are available in adult and kids sizes. The adult sweatshirts are available in a 7-ounce mid-weight. We also are proud to carry a selection of The Mountain Tees, which are printed and dyed in the U.S.A. Printed using environmental friendly water-based inks, The Mountain clothing choices include adult t-shirts, kids t-shirts and tank dress. Ordered directly from the factory, The Mountain apparel is deliverable within 7-10 days.


With so many cool t-shirt designs to choose from, we know that it’s hard to pick just one. At My T-shirt Designs, we believe that prices don’t have to be sky high for you to look good, so you can pick out all your favorites from our wide selection. And since we know that you’ll look good in our shirts. Please contact us 1-888-688-1930 with any questions. We look forward to serving you with the highest quality t-shirt designs available!